Idea Contest “ ISEAUTO in traffic”

Estonia’s first self-driving car is here, but how will it manage realistically in our public transport?

We are announcing a contest for innovative ideas. Ambitious students, teams or just people with interest, present complex innovative ideas for model of future public transport, were self-driving vehicles will be seen on our streets.

Project deadline is on 20th of October.

Grand price 1000 €

Self-driving “last mile” bus is in testing, but in the future, the self-driving cars will be part of our everyday transport system, which will be wider then just one bus. For our complex solution ideas we have announced a contest, where the main key is to find and describe the solution for integrating our vehicle to the transport system following the next requirements:

Vehicles communication

  • Robust, low-latency and end-to-end protected communication channel between vehicle unit and fleet management system (V2V). Special attention to cyber attack in communication channel.
  • Contingency plan and accident mitigation for the event of communication failure.
  • Automatic data gathering from the route condition (congestion, accidents, road blocks).
  • Automatic rerouting of the vehicle in case of accidents or road blocks.
  • Possibility to stay on a terminus-type of station for predetermined period of time or until prespecified time.
  • Real-time information of the fleet units statues available for the operator.
  • Implement the Fleet Management System Interface Standard (FMS-Standard).

 Traffic infrastructure integration

  • Integration to city traffic system, including traffic lights and other real-time traffic arrangements.
  • Ability to react upon traffic flow altering systems (barriers, police etc.).
  • Compatibility to public transport ticketing system.
  • Possibility to install additional sensors (as cameras, passengers counter etc.).

Remote room

  • Technical solution for remote driving communication including real-time video.
  • In case of loss of communication, switching over to manual
  • Operators rights, their competence and amount of work needed.
  • Remote room structure, technical solution and arrangement .
  • Real- time visual presentation of the buses on their routes.
  • Capability of emergency stopping one or all of the buses quickly.
  • Critical system-components, that needs to be duplicated.
  • Solution for communication between passengers and remote room.


  • Safety Standards
  • Safety of communication channels
  • Safety procedures for laborers (operators and other remote room and maintenance  employees)

Mainenance and incident management

  • Charging system, power and electricity demand and infrastructure.
  • Maintenance capability (tools, repair work, cleaning, upkeep etc.).
  • Software updates.



In process of developing the solution, it needs to be taken into account next situations and requirements:

  1. Self-driving vehicle will be ISEAUTO, need to consider technical parameters that can be found in “technical” section on the homepage.
  2. Max amount of vehicles will be 3.
  3. Driving line will be 3 km long(one-way) in Kadriorg, Tallinn.

Contest work has to be in PDF format, which includes 1-2 pages (~25 pages all together) of detailed description of the vision, technical solutions, schemes, graphical materials etc. of all the stadiums/points mentioned above.

The winner work will be chosen by qualified jury.

Criteria’s for presented work:

  • Realistic
  • Innovative
  • Attractive
  • Balance between different parties ( example: Company and country)
  • Project implementation and explanation of ideas