The Lord Mayor & our new Iseauto

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On 27th of May we were visited by The Lord Mayor of the City of London Peter Estlin and his companions. We had an honor to give our TalTech Rector Jaak Aaviksoo and The Lord Mayor an autonomous ride along the campus with our Iseauto and introduce him the idea of the Smart City.

On that day, it was also a big day for the team. We represented our next self-driving vehicle and The Lord Mayor and Rector had a chance to be the first ones to see it.

TalTech and Florida Poly launch partnership to research autonomous vehicles

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Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) signed a co-operation agreement with Florida Polytechnic University (Florida Poly) on the 10th of April, to join forces for future development and increasing security of automated vehicles.

Self-driving cars and other autonomous systems are one of the most paradigm-changing technological developments in today’s world. Transportation is affecting every single person and has a huge impact on economic development. There are a lot of challenges to solve and international cooperation is crucial here.

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Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Self-driving vehicles and autonomous systems research group in Estonia, led by the Dr. Raivo Sell, has demonstrated its high-level competence and capability to design and develop an AV shuttle from scratch. As been focused mainly on vehicle development and implementation the next challenge is to integrate AVs to real traffic situations but in a safe and robust way.

Florida Polytechnic University (Florida Poly) Advanced Mobility Institute in the US, led by Dr. Rahul Razdan is a leading institute focused on the test and verification of autonomous vehicles. Florida Poly AMI has developed unique verification and scenario simulation tools to analyze and find edge situations in respect of safety and accident analysis. They working towards to Transportation Operating System concept which will change the whole paradigm how transportation is handled and coordinated on cloud-based solutions.

Both universities have strong research groups working on self-driving cars at a higher level.

The research collaboration will use Florida Poly’s unique capability in testing to improve the robustness of TalTech automated vehicle system. In the process, Florida Poly’s tools and methodologies will be tested in realistic environments provided by TalTech.

The cooperation agreement was signed in the Estonian Embassy in Washington where the roundtable-seminar was organized just after the signing process. There were participants from Washington DC Capital City, Georgetown Public Affairs, EU delegation of Transport and Economic development, etc. The ambassador Jonatan Vseviov emphasizes that the trans-Atlantic cooperation between Estonia and US is crucial to pursue innovation and demonstrate new transportation solutions to the public.

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Before the event, TalTech team was participating in the Future Technology Summit in Washington DC where ISEAUTO small scale model got a lot of attention. ISEAUTO project leader Dr. Raivo Sell spoke in the panel session: A future perspective on connected technology, policy-making, and infrastructure development.

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Several new initiatives were started in this summit, and most solid cooperation plan was agreed with Mr. Shaji Nair, Founder, and CEO of Future of Technology Summit.

We looking forward to cooperation to bring ISEAUTO research results to the Washington DC area and to Malaysia.

The cooperation has been made possible by Baltic-American Freedom Foundation grant financing TalTech researcher visit and network building to the US.

EU CAD2019

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Our mini version of AV vehicle Iseauto had it’s first demonstration this week in EUCAD 2019 (EU Connected Automated Driving) in Brussels. First day was finished with networking event in Autoworld museum, where we showed our model of ISEAUTO with TalTech stend. Had a chance to introduce our project to European Commission members and to many more.

TalTech University development project of the year is Iseauto

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Tallinn University of Technology held a formal ceremony in honor for Estonian 101th birthdayon 22th of Feburary, where was also announced TalTech student-, scientist-, projects off the year etc. Iseauto received first place in development project category and also one of our coordinators, Anton Rassõlkin,  was announced to be the lecturer of the year. More picture here.


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On 17th of December was  finalized the Fabulos procurement evaluation of the tenders and awarded five consortia who made it to Phase 1.  Iseauto also participate in this procurement being apart of The Mobile Civitatem Consortium:Modern Mobility OÜ, Tallinn University of Technology, Silberauto Eesti AS and Ecofleet Eesti OÜ. The fifth member of the consortium is the Danish company Autonomous Mobility A/S.

Read more about Fabulos in here.

Robotex 2018

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Robotex is annual international robotics contest, where participants are from all over the World. Every year the University of Technology has shown their technology achievements in the event and this year, one of them was Iseauto.

Robotex 2018 was held from 30th of November to 2nd of December in Estonia Fair Center and there were visitor over 30 000.


TalTech pop-up University in Aalto University

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Our team and Iseauto headed to Finland on 27th of November, where TalTech University organized a pop-up university in Aalto University for celebrating our 100 birthday. The aim was to introduce TalTech University and it’s opportunities for neighbor countries, which one big part is our Iseauto. Many students and entrepreneurs got to meet our self-driving Iseauto.

Instrutec 2018

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Everyone had a opportunity to meet our Iseauto in 24th time held manufacturing fair – Instrutec 2018, which took place on of November in Estonian Fair Center.
In near future there’s a chance to see Iseauto in quite few  different fairs – like on 27th of November in Finland, at TalTech pop-up Unversity and also form 30th of November till 2nd of December in Robotex International 2018.

Environment and Energy 2018

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Environment and Energy fair was held in Riga, Latvia, on 19th to 21st of October on 2018. Iseauto was invited to demonstrate our car to Latvians. People with interest came to see the car across all over Latvia. For addition we got a brief overview about Lativan development process of electrical and autonomous self-driving vehicles.

Estonian first self-driving car made it’s first autonomous ride with VIP passengers

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20. September we had our first official autonomous driving which was great success!

Demo drive took place in the university campus by bringing two main presenters in the TalTech anniversary Vision Conference.

Our first official passengers were TalTech rector Jaak Aaviksoo and Vice-President of the European Investment Bank, former Finnish prime minister, Alexander Stubb. It was first ever autonomous driving experience for good Estonian friend Alexander Stubb and second ride for our rector, who had a test ride a day before.

They made one stop during their ride, where the rector introduced our new amphitheater, which was opened last week, then  the ride continued by bringing the passengers to the university to open the TalTech Digital vision conference.

Thanks to our excellent team and we will enter now into new stage of development.


Full video of the ride


Shorter promo video

In detail of the development process, a journal paper can be read

For more papers follow my contributions in

Thanks to Silberauto and TalTech doctor of honor Väino Kaldoja, our industrial partner of the project.