Technical parameters

  • Cargo or passenger 4+2 places
  • Cruising speed 10-20 km/h
  • Turning radius 9 m
  • Main motor 47 kW
  • Battery 16 kWh


  • Height 2400 mm
  • Length 3500 mm
  • Width 1500 mm


  • LiDAR Velodyne VLP-16 x 2
  • Ultrasonic sensors front and back x 8
  • LiDAR front
  • Short distance radar
  • Cameras
  • IMU


  • Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • Autoware

The first year of the project is divided into stages and finally, we will add the technical details of the project results to the website. The purpose of technical information sharing is to raise know-how and share information created with the project with everyone interested.

Research papers

Master’s thesis 

  • Visual localization  for Iseauto using structure from motion, Yaroslav Hrushchak
  • Telemetry on robot operating system based self-driving vehicles, Osman Firat Akandere 
  • Iseauto base frame design, Mari-Ly Klaats
  • Dynamical update solution for 3D mapping, Mirjam Feodorov
  • An autonomous vehicle capability to follow the track using Autoware software, Priit Trink (EST) 
  • Evaluation of multiple lidar placement on a self-driving car in Autoware, Mihkel Väli
  • Self-driving car model software integration testing using Autoware, Lauri Roomere (EST)
  • Estimating object detection reliability for TTU “Iseauto” self-driving car, Artur Vainola
  • Developing master controller for self-driving vehicle, Elvar Liiv (EST) 
  • TTU self driving car master controller embeded software testing, Eslam El-Sherbieny

Bachelor’s and diploma thesis 

  • Elektriauto mootori juhtsüsteemi signaalide analüüs ja otsejuhtimise võimaluste kaardistamine, Kirill Tihhonov
  • Choosing distance sensors for TUT self-driving vehicle, Maarjo Mass (EST) 
  • Andmeedastuskihi loomine TTÜ isejuhtiva auto kasutajaliidese jaoks, Krista Norak


  • Development and implementation of an optimal navigation system for a self-driving test car, Mohammad Tavassolian


  • LMV Pilot report, Ruxin Wang 

Stage I: Background Studies and Technical Drafting

  1. Similar projects in Europe, especially universities and public research institutes Report: Similar projects(In Estonian)
  2. Sensory Drive for Enduring Vehicles Report: Sensors (in Estonian)
  3. Software platforms and modules for management purposes Report: Software Framework(In Estonian)
  4. Artificial intelligence algorithms for self-sufficiency

Further reading and interesting references about self-driving vehicles